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State Exchange Profiles: South Dakota

Updated as of April 19, 2013 Establishing the Exchange On September 26, 2012, Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) announced that South Dakota would not establish an exchange.1However, the state intends to maintain regulatory authority over the health insurance market and perform the plan management function for the exchange.2 The decision to have…

How Will the Uninsured in South Dakota Fare Under the Affordable Care Act?

This state report explains how the ACA expands coverage in South Dakota, including a breakdown of how many uninsured people are eligible for Medicaid, how many are eligible for financial assistance to help them buy private insurance in the new Marketplace and how many will not receive any financial assistance at all. The report also details, in specific dollar figures, the income levels at which people in South Dakota are eligible for Medicaid or financial assistance in the Marketplace. For states not expanding Medicaid, the report quantifies how many uninsured people fall into the “coverage gap,” meaning they will be ineligible for financial assistance in the Marketplace or for Medicaid in their state despite having an income below the federal poverty level.