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Kaiser Family Foundation/Princeton Survey Research Associates Study of Media Coverage of Managed Care: January 1990 – June 1997 – News Release

Is There A Bias?Overall Media Neutral In Coverage Of Managed Care,Although Network TV And Special Series In Newspapers mostly CriticalFocus of Coverage Shifting From Business to Patient Care IssuesEmbargoed for Release until: 9:00 am, ET, Tuesday, January 13, 1998New Study of Media Coverage of Managed Care Published in Health Affairs:Washington,…

National Survey of Small Business Executives on Health Care

A survey of 800 small business executives on their views on health care and the coverage they offer their employees. The survey also asked small employers how they feel about current proposals to protect consumers and regulate managed care.

Kaiser Family Foundation/Princeton Survey Research Associates Study of Media Coverage of Managed Care: January 1990 – June 1997 – Toplines/Survey

Study Of Media Coverage Of Managed CareTopline Results And MethodologyConducted for The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Princeton Survey Research Associates:January 1990 – June 1997Number Of Stories Total General Newspapers Business Press Special Series Broadcast n=2132 n=803 n=1176 n=75 n=65 Newspapers Cleveland Plain Dealer 159 130 29 – -…

The Kaiser/Harvard Health News Index, January/February 1998

The January/February 1998 edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard Health News Index includes questions about major health issues covered in the news, including questions on Abortion, Medicare and Health Care Costs. The survey was based on a national random sample of 1,209 Americans conducted February 13-17, 1998 which measures public…

Emergency Contraception: All Talk and No Action?

A fact sheet, Q&A and resource list prepared for a briefing held for journalists in New York City on December 18, 1997 in New York City as part of a joint program by The Alan Guttmacher Institute, The Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Press Foundation. This program focused on…

National Survey of Americans on AIDS/HIV – Main Page

A national random-sample survey of 1205 adults, 18 years and older, that examines Americans views on AIDS. The findings show that although Americans see growing progress in the fight against the disease, AIDS is still viewed as an urgent health problem for the nation and spending on prevention, research, and…