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Kaiser Family Foundation Question Finder

Health Poll Search allows you to search the archive of all Kaiser Family Foundation poll questions on health issues that can be searched by topic or keyword.

Public Attitudes Toward Welfare and Reform: A Focus Group Report

Public Attitudes Toward Welfare and Reform: A Focus Group ReportThis focus group report provides further insight on some of the findings from a nationwide survey on welfare released by the Kaiser Family Foundation in March 1995 (#1045). This survey suggests that citizens are more concerned with the moral underpinnings of…

Survey of Americans and Economists on the Economy – Toplines (Part 3)

19. Do you consider yourself a part of the middle class, or not? Yes No Noopinion General Public 81 18 * 20. (Asked if considers self middle class) Do you ever feel as if you’re at risk of falling out of the middle class? Yes No Noopinion General Public 41…

Survey of Americans and Economists on the Economy – Toplines (Part 5)

37. What is your employment status? Are you: (General Public)Employed full-time 53 Employed part-time 10 Home-maker 8 Retired 18 Student 4 Unemployed: Looking for work 5 Unemployed: Not looking for work 2 No opinion * 38. (If employed) Do you work for someone else or are you self-employed? Work for…

Survey of Asians in the Bay Area

Survey of Asians In the Bay Area This survey explores the attitudes and experiences of the Asian community in the Bay Area, which has the largest Asian population in the country. The Kaiser Family Foundation and San Jose Mercury News collaborated on the survey.The Bay Area is home to the…

Sex Education in America: Principals Survey – Toplines

A new project by National Public Radio, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School examines Americans’ views on sex education in the nations public schools. The project reviews whether Americans think sex education should be taught in school, what kind of sex education should be taught, and surveys…

National Survey of Americans on AIDS/HIV – Main Page

A national random-sample survey of 1205 adults, 18 years and older, that examines Americans views on AIDS. The findings show that although Americans see growing progress in the fight against the disease, AIDS is still viewed as an urgent health problem for the nation and spending on prevention, research, and…

Kaiser Family Foundation/Princeton Survey Research Associates Study of Media Coverage of Managed Care: January 1990 – June 1997 – Toplines/Survey

Study Of Media Coverage Of Managed CareTopline Results And MethodologyConducted for The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Princeton Survey Research Associates:January 1990 – June 1997Number Of Stories Total General Newspapers Business Press Special Series Broadcast n=2132 n=803 n=1176 n=75 n=65 Newspapers Cleveland Plain Dealer 159 130 29 – -…