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Kaiser/Harvard Health News Index, September/October 1997 – Toplines/Survey

New Survey FindingsHealth News Stories followed By The PublicSeptember/October 1997Matt James (415)854-9400Chris Ferris (202)347-5270The health-related story followed most closely by Americans during September was the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) request that drug manufacturers remove the diet drugs commonly known as phen-fen from the market. That story was followed very…

What’s the Diagnosis? Latinos, Media & Health: A Series of Three Reports – Report

What's the Diagnosis? A Series of Three Reports on Latinos, Media & HealthSummary of Key FindingsJune 1998Overview: A Series of 3 ReportsLatinos are disproportionately affected by some of the most serious health problems facing our country. They are more likely to be uninsured and face problems getting health care when…

Story Ideas: Impact of the Supreme Court Decision on Health Reform

The Alliance for Health Reform and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored this reporters-only briefing to help journalists assess the Supreme Court’s decision about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Full version:  Video  Podcast Speakers for this session: The panel was moderated by Ed Howard of the Alliance. Ed…

The Kaiser/Harvard Health News Index, January/February 1998

The January/February 1998 edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard Health News Index includes questions about major health issues covered in the news, including questions on Abortion, Medicare and Health Care Costs. The survey was based on a national random sample of 1,209 Americans conducted February 13-17, 1998 which measures public…

Sex in the 90s: 1998 National Survey of Americans on Sex and Sexual Health

This survey takes an in-depth look at Americans’ attitudes about sex and sexual health issues in the 90s, including sex education, sex in the media, sexually transmitted disease and unintended pregnancy, and how we talk (or not) about sexual issues with children and partners.

Kaiser/Harvard Health News Index, October 1996 – Toplines/Survey

Health News Stories Followed By The PublicContacts: Matt James (415) 854-9400 Chris Ferris (202) 347-5270 October 1996The Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard Health News Index is designed to help the news media and people in the health care field gain a better understanding of what health stories in the news Americans are…

Kaiser/Harvard Health News Index, August 1997

New Survey FindingsAmericans’ Confidence in For-Profit Health Care DeclinesBut Many Still View For-Profit Health Care Organizations Favorably on Key CriteriaFor immediate release: August 21, 1997 Contact: Matt James or Heather BalasMenlo Park, CA — At a time when for-profit health care providers like Columbia/HCA are receiving increasing scrutiny and media…

Kaiser Health Poll Report November/December 2003 – Government Spending on HIV/AIDS

Kaiser Health Poll Report – November/December 2003A broad and informative bimonthly report, the Kaiser Health Poll Report provides key tracking information, including historical trends and in-depth analysis of public opinion about hot health care topics.The latest Current Feature examines public opinion of government spending on HIV/AIDS.The report also includes the…

The Kaiser/Harvard Health News Index May/June 1999

The May/June 1999 edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard Health News Index includes questions about major health stories covered in the news, including questions about Gun Control and Youth Violence. The survey is based on a national random sample of 1,000 Americans conducted June 11-16, 1999 which measures public knowledge…