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Administration official discusses post-2015 development agenda « » The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Administration official discusses post-2015 development agenda

Acting Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Dean Pittman provided remarks titled “The U.S., the U.N., and the Emerging Post-2015 Development Agenda” at the annual membership meeting of the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area. During his remarks, Assistant Secretary Pittman summarized the accomplishments of the original Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and discussed U.S. priorities in the post-2015 development agenda stating that the “agenda needs to express clear, ambitious, and measurable goals designed to: promote sustainable, inclusive growth, and end extreme poverty; seek a new global partnership that goes beyond traditional aid and recognizes the role of private resource flows; and integrates environmental sustainability.” Assistant Secretary Pittman also highlighted several themes that should help shape the post-2015 agenda including: eradicating extreme poverty; empowering girls and women, and advancing gender equality; ensuring healthy lives [(“through strong, well-designed health systems”)]; protecting our oceans, seas, forests, and biodiversity; promoting good governance and effective institutions; [and] advancing stable and peaceful societies.”