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Policy Analysis and Research

Kaiser Family Foundation: Policy Analysis and Research

Fundamental to Kaiser’s mission is to serve as an evidence-based voice for people in the health system, using research and analysis (and often just basic facts) to foster understanding of increasingly complex policy issues in the U.S. Much of our work focuses on the issues and debates affecting those most vulnerable and disadvantaged, including Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries, the uninsured, people living with HIV/AIDS, low-income women, and racial and ethnic minorities. We help policymakers and the media understand what’s driving changes in the health system, from increases in health care costs to declines in employer-provided health insurance to changes in big public programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Medicaid, the country’s largest public health insurance program, has always been a special focus.

Established in 1991, the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured (KCMU) – which is operated by Foundation staff and guided by a distinguished group of outside commissioners – was our first big health policy initiative and is the acknowledged leader in the field today. Kaiser is well-known for our highly-regarded public opinion research program through which we regularly probe the views and experiences of the public on health and related issues – often in partnership with major news organizations, such as our longest-standing partner, The Washington Post.

With attention to global health rising on the U.S. policy agenda in recent years, Kaiser tracks the U.S. role in global health on a daily basis.

Another prominent Kaiser research effort examines the role of media on the lives of young people. All of Kaiser’s research – and information about our programs – is available at