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New Reports Analyze Latest Data on Health Coverage, Examine the Decline in Employer-Sponsored Coverage

Several reports examining the latest health coverage trends and profiling the nation’s uninsured population were released at a Capitol Hill briefing. One report finds that despite the improving economy, the percentage of the population with employer-sponsored insurance continued to decline while the number of the uninsured continued to increase. A second report determines that nearly three-fourths of the decline in employer coverage was due to a loss in employer sponsorship or eligibility for coverage.

Why Did the Number of Uninsured Continue to Increase in 2005?

Changes in Employees’ Health Insurance Coverage, 2001-2005

Changes in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Sponsorship, Eligibility, and Participation: 2001 to 2005, Full Report

The Uninsured and Their Access to Health Care

The Uninsured: A Primer

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