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PLOS, Maternal Health Task Force Update PLOS Collection On Maternal Health

Writing in the PLOS “Speaking of Medicine” blog, Jocalyn Clark, senior magazine editor at PLOS Medicine, “announce[s] the addition of new content to our Maternal Health Task Force-PLOS Collection on Maternal Health.” She continues, “This Year 2 Collection, with the theme of ‘maternal health is women’s health,’ emphasizes the importance of seeing maternal health in the context of a woman’s health over the course of her lifetime,” which “recognizes that while pregnancy is limited to women of reproductive age, maternal health is influenced by the health of women and girls before pregnancy, and it also influences women’s health broadly during and after the reproductive years.” Clark adds, “Inability to access quality health care and family planning resources, low educational attainment, low socioeconomic status, restrictive gender roles, poor nutrition, and a host of other social and biological factors combine to put girls and women at risk for not being able to attain and sustain the health status they deserve throughout their lives.” She lists the articles that were added to the collection (7/24).