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Emphasis on ‘How’ Missing From ‘IF Campaign’ Against Global Hunger « » The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Emphasis on ‘How’ Missing From ‘IF Campaign’ Against Global Hunger

The “Enough Food for Everyone If” campaign (IF campaign), “supported by a coalition of more than 100 development organizations, has identified four priorities on aid, land, tax avoidance and market transparency,” Zahid Torres-Rahman, founder of Business Fights Poverty, writes in the Guardian Sustainable Business blog. “Of course the issues are hugely important, but do they really get to the heart of the problem — and if solutions in these priority areas were implemented, would they solve the problem of hunger?” he asks, and discusses “three priority areas that are most obviously missing.”

Torres-Rahman says these priority areas include building partnerships across government, civil society and business; “[e]ffectively and dramatically improving the livelihoods of poor people”; and “[t]ransforming agriculture into a driver of growth and opportunity.” He continues, “Many more things could be added to my list: tackling the barriers to financial inclusion for the 2.7 billion people around the world without bank accounts; helping local producers access regional and global markets through Aid for Trade; helping mitigate the impacts of climate change, and helping the most vulnerable to adapt.” He concludes, “The #IF campaign is an opportunity to focus the world’s attention on a problem that should have been solved long before now. But if we really do want to solve it, we must think more deeply about the #How” (1/29).