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Behavioral Health: Can Primary Care Help Meet the Growing Need? « » The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Behavioral Health: Can Primary Care Help Meet the Growing Need?

The health reform law has specific provisions covering mental health and substance use conditions, as well as general provisions to benefit those in need of behavioral health services. While addressing unmet needs, the reform law provisions raise new challenges.

Given their budgetary constraints, will states be able to expand capacity to meet the demands of increased enrollment? Will sacrifices in other benefits and services be needed in order to provide mental health parity? Will the health professional workforce be large enough to serve those in need of care? Are innovative programs that integrate behavioral and physical health showing promise, and if so, can they be scaled up in time to meet the need? What role will health information technology play and will privacy issues be a barrier to its use in mental health care?

The Alliance for Health Reform and the Centene Corporation sponsored a briefing to address these questions.

For more information, please visit the Alliance’s event page.

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Speakers for this session:

The panel was moderated by Ed Howard and Deanna Okrent of the Alliance.

Ed Howard
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icon_video_audio.gif Deanna Okrent

John O’Brien, Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group, CMS’ Center for Medicaid,
CHIP, and Survey & Certification
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Joseph Parks, Missouri Department of Mental Health
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Sam Donaldson, president and CEO of Cenpatico
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Gloria Wilder, Core Health
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Q and A
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