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Managed Care and Low-Income Populations: A Case Study Of Managed Care In Florida

This study is part of a larger initiative, the Kaiser/Commonwealth Low-Income Coverage and Access project funded by both the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund, to gauge the impact of health restructuring on access and health insurance coverage for low-income populations in seven states through surveys, focus groups and case studies. The aim of the studies is to provide early insights and timely analyses that will assist other states and other efforts to shape rapidly evolving managed care systems and health reform programs for low-income populations. This case study assesses the goals of the managed care initiatives in Florida, the program design and implementation experience, and how care patterns and access have been affected. The study also examines how the health care safety net for the poor was affected and spillover effects to other sectors.

  • Report: Managed Care And Low-Income Populations: A Case Study Of Managed Care In Florida