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FAQs: U.S. Global Health Budget Tracker

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What is the Budget Tracker?

The U.S. Global Health Budget Tracker, a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, provides up-to-date and easy-to-access information on the U.S. global health budget, which includes funding for disease-specific (e.g. HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, etc.) and population-based (e.g. maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, etc.) programs provided through numerous U.S. government departments and agencies (e.g. State Department, USAID, CDC, etc.).

The Budget Tracker presents historical funding levels by program area, agency, and initiative (e.g. PEPFAR, GHI, etc.) and tracks funding levels throughout the annual appropriations process starting with the President’s Budget Request and continuing as Congressional appropriations bills are introduced and finalized.

The Budget Tracker includes filter options that allow users to customize the data presented by year, area, agency, or initiative. Customized data can be printed or downloaded into an Excel document.

What is the source of the data presented in the Budget Tracker?
The data presented in the budget tracker come from several different sources including: House and Senate Appropriations Bills, Congressional Committee Press Releases, and Congressional Committee Conference Reports; Federal Agency Budget, Congressional Justification, and Operating Plan documents;; and direct communication with the Office of Management and Budget.
Can I download the data?
Yes. An Excel icon is located at the top of the page throughout the entire Budget Tracker.  Clicking on this icon will create an Excel document that includes the data that are presented on the existing page and associated notes.
Can I create a printer-friendly version of the data?
Yes. A print icon is located at the top of the page throughout the entire Budget Tracker. Clicking on this icon will allow you to pint the page you are viewing including the graphics, data table, and associated notes. Using the various filters gives you the ability to customize documents based on your specific needs.