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Network Of Hospitals In Middle East Gulf States Work To Fight Antibiotic Resistance

The Guardian: Tackling antibiotic-resistant bacteria through collaborative networking Hosam Zowawi, microbiologist and scientific entrepreneur “…In 2011, the World Health Organization dedicated World Health Day to antibiotic-resistance and produced a policy package to combat antimicrobial resistance. Proposed measures included increasing surveillance and laboratory capacity, regulating and promoting the rational use of…

Blog Posts Discuss Ebola Epidemic Responses

The following blog posts discuss various aspects of the Ebola epidemic. Center for Global Development’s “Views From The Center”: Six Reasons an Ebola Travel Ban Makes Us No Safer — and No Sense (Moss/Kenny, 10/21). Defeat DD: Secret to Nigeria’s success in overcoming Ebola: ORS (Simpson, 10/21). Health Affairs Blog:…

For-Profit Companies Impart Lessons About Global Health Supply Chains

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: Supply Chains for Global Health David Sarley, senior program officer at the Gates Foundation, discusses lessons that three Seattle-area companies — Starbucks, Microsoft, and Trident Seafood — can provide to improve public health supply chains (10/21).

WHO To Strengthen Partnership With Romania To Improve TB Services

WHO/Europe: WHO to cooperate more closely with Romania on improving TB services “WHO/Europe will strengthen its partnership with Romania to improve the quality and delivery of tuberculosis (TB) services, turn the tide against drug-resistant TB, and accelerate the implementation of structural health system reforms in the country. These were the…

U.S. House Subcommittee To Hold Hearing On Ebola

News outlets discuss an upcoming U.S. congressional hearing on federal efforts to respond to Ebola. CQ HealthBeat: Panel Set to Ask Questions and Offer Suggestions on Ebola “A House subcommittee on Thursday has scheduled a rare recess period hearing in Washington, D.C., to query CDC Director Thomas Frieden and National…

U.S., Spanish Hospitals Face Challenges In Treating Ebola Patients

News outlets continue to discuss the challenges hospitals in the U.S. and Spain are facing in the treatment of patients with Ebola. New York Times: Spain Exposes Holes in Plans to Treat Ebola “…Together, the cases [of health care workers infected in Spain and the U.S.] have raised urgent questions…

Editorial, Opinion Pieces Discuss Issues Surrounding Ebola

The following editorial and opinion pieces examine issues surrounding the Ebola outbreak. Washington Post: Keeping an even keel at home on Ebola Editorial Board “The Ebola tidal wave is still flooding West Africa, running ahead of all efforts to contain it. … At the same time, the outbreak of the…

CDC Director Signals ‘Rethink’ Of Domestic Ebola Infection Control Strategy

News outlets report the CDC is rethinking its Ebola strategy to ensure health care worker safety after a nurse who treated an infected Liberian man at a Dallas hospital contracted the virus. The Hill: Feds rethinking Ebola strategy “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday said it…

War Impacting Health Care, Other Infrastructure In Syria

Humanosphere: Visualizing how Syria’s war undermines health Katie Leach-Kemon, a research specialist at IMHE and Humanosphere columnist, discusses how war in Syria is having a “destabilizing effect on the country’s health system and other essential infrastructure…” (10/13).