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Kaiser Health Poll Report March/April 2004 – Public Opinion on the Uninsured

Kaiser Health Poll Report – March/April 2004A broad and informative bimonthly report, the Kaiser Health Poll Report provides key tracking information, including historical trends and in-depth analysis of public opinion about hot health care topics. In conjunction with Cover the Uninsured Week, the latest Current Feature examines the public’s opinion…

Coverage and Access of Adults 18-64 in the District of Columbia: Key Facts

This fact sheet summarizes the findings of the DC Health Access Survey, released in the Fall of 2003. It includes information on topics including: the demographics of the uninsured adults in the District of Columbia, findings about where and to what extent uninsured adults in the District of Columbia get…

Medicaid and State-Funded Coverage for Adults:  Estimates of Eligibility and Enrollment

Medicaid and State-Funded Coverage for Adults: Estimates of Eligibility and EnrollmentLack of health insurance coverage for low-income adults remains a pressing policy challenge. In 2002, low-income adults who were uninsured accounted for nearly half of the uninsured population. This report provides an overview of nonelderly adult eligibility for and enrollment…

Health Care Agenda for the New Congress – Toplines

This document includes the complete toplines from a survey of the public’s attitudes regarding the health care agenda for Bush’s second term and the new Congress in 2005. It assesses the relative priority placed on health-care concerns by the American public and also provides insight into public opinion on key…

The State of Retiree Health Benefits: Historical Trends and Future Uncertainties

Tricia Neuman, Vice President and Director of the Medicare Policy Project for the Kaiser Family Foundation, testified on Monday, May 17, at a U.S. Senate Committee on Aging hearing on issues relating to retiree health coverage, “Access to Adequate Health Insurance: How Does the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Recent Rule…

Health Coverage for Immigrants

This fact sheet summarizes health coverage for the immigrant population including the restrictions to coverage via Medicaid and SCHIP and the implications of these policies.Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Addressing the Health Care Impact of Hurricane Katrina

This issue paper is an effort to begin an assessment of health care needs in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and to review some of the policy options available to the federal government to ensure access to health care for those affected by Katrina. The brief begins with a summary…

Key Facts: States Most Affected by Hurricane Katrina

Key Facts: States Most Affected by Hurricane Katrina A side-by-side comparison of key demographics and health coverage statistics of the states most affected by Hurricane Katrina. Fact Sheet (.pdf)