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Low-Income Adults Under Age 65 – Many are Poor, Sick, and Uninsured

This policy brief from the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured examines the characteristics and insurance coverage of low-income adults under age 65, a group numbering more than 50 million people. Members of this group are more likely to be in poor health than other Americans and are the…

The President’s FY 2005 Budget Proposal:  Overview and Briefing Charts

The President's FY 2005 Budget Proposal: Overview and Briefing ChartsThe overview and briefing charts present information on the President's FY 2005 budget proposal to Congress beginning with federal surplus/deficit spending historical data and a summary of the overall composition of the Administration's budget request. The charts then detail information on…

At the Edge: Near Elderly Americans Talk About Health Insurance

These narratives focus on the experiences of those who are both near elderly and uninsured. They profile six individuals whose stories highlight a number of problems faced by large numbers of men and women in their fifties and early sixties.Report (.pdf)

New Reports Examine Near-Elderly Health Coverage Trends and Six Near-Elderly Uninsured Individuals’ Experiences with the American Health Care System

Two new reports focus on health coverage in the near elderly (age 55-64) population. One report examines trends in the population's income, health status, and insurance coverage and the other report profiles six near-elderly uninsured individuals' life challenges in the years preceding Medicare eligibility. Health Insurance Coverage of the Near…

Stresses to the Safety Net:  The Public Hospital Perspective

Stresses to the Safety Net: The Public Hospital PerspectiveThe nation’s safety net financing is fragmented; consequently, providers must knit together resources from many different funding sources to create a stream of revenue to cover the costs of providing a very broad range of services. This report describes those sources of…

USA Today/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health National Survey of Households Affected by Cancer

USA Today/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health National Survey of Households Affected by CancerThis USA Today/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health National Survey provides an in-depth examination of how families cope with cancer and highlights problems of health insurance and health care costs through the lens of those…

Covering the Uninsured: Options for Reform

Download PDF Key Facts on the Uninsured In 2007, 45 million nonelderly people in the United States lacked health coverage More than eight in ten uninsured people (81%) come from working families About two-thirds of the nonelderly uninsured are from low-income families (income below 200% of poverty, about $42,400 for…