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Where is Medicaid Spending Headed? – Fact Sheet

Medicaid Enrollment and Spending GrowthOverviewIn 1995, Medicaid provided health and long-term care for 34.8 million low-income, elderly, and disabled Americans at a cost of $157.3 billion, $151.8 billion for services and $5.5 billion for administration. After expanding considerably in the early 1990’s, Medicaid spending and enrollment growth have slowed markedly.…

Where is Medicaid Spending Headed? – Report

Where is Medicaid Spending Headed?Prepared for: The Kaiser Commission on the Future of MedicaidPrepared by: John Holahan and David Liska, The Urban InstituteDecember 1996In 1995, the United States witnessed a major debate over the future course of the Medicaid program. At the heart of this debate were the individual entitlement…

Where is Medicaid Spending Headed?

This content package page includes a report providing an overview of the changes in Medicaid expenditures since 1988, including an analysis of the slowdown in Medicaid growth since 1992. Also included in the package is a press release, chart pack and fact sheet on Medicaid spending and enrollment trends. News…

The Southern Institute on Children and Families: Uninsured Children in the South

Second ReportThe Southern Institute on Children and Families released the first report on Uninsured Children in the South in November 1992. The report provided estimates of uninsured children by state with age and income breakouts related to Medicaid. This is the second report on Uninsured Children in the South. It…

Medicaid Update: Expenditures and Beneficiaries in 1994 – Policy Brief

Medicaid Expenditures and Beneficiaries: 1994 UpdateOctober 1998Medicaid is the nation's major public financing program for low-income Americans. After several years of rapid increase in the early 1990s, enrollment and spending growth have moderated and returned to historical levels. For the second consecutive year, annual growth in Medicaid spending was under…

Medicaid Update: Expenditures and Beneficiaries in 1994

This policy brief analyzes Medicaid enrollment and spending in 1994. It examines changes in program enrollment and spending between 1992 and 1994 and explains the factors behind the spending growth. Detailed tables and trend information can be found in Medicaid Expenditures and Beneficiaries: National and State Profiles and Trends, 1984-1994…