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Administration releases “Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development” « » The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Administration releases “Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development”

The Administration released the “Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development” (PPD-6). PPD-6 was originally signed by the President on September 22, 2010, but was not released to the public until February 24, 2014 due to the Administration’s decision to cite executive privilege. According to a White House fact sheet released at the time of the President’s signing, PPD-6 “calls for the elevation of development as a core pillar of American power … [and] … provides clear policy guidance to all U.S. Government agencies and enumerates our core objectives, our operational model, and the modern architecture we need to implement this policy.” Among other development objectives, PPD-6 highlights Feed the Future (FtF) and the Global Health Initiative (GHI) as key elements in U.S. development policy.