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Grand Challenges Canada Funds Innovative Ideas To Solve Global Health Problems

“Grand Challenges Canada just announced grants of $100,000 for 102 imaginative new ideas to tackle health problems in resource-poor countries,” Inter Press Service reports, noting, “Of these, 59 grants went to researchers in 13 low- and middle-income nations worldwide.” IPS continues, “Although the 102 ideas are selected through a peer-review process, at this early point they aren’t much more than inspired ideas. … If any of these raw ideas prove effective, the innovators will be eligible for an additional Grand Challenges Canada scale-up funding of up to $1 million.” The news service highlights some of the ideas, including “a test strip you touch with your tongue to see if you have a deadly disease,” “a mobile phone game to prevent HIV,” and a sanitation system that turns “untreated human waste from slums … into marketable products” (Leahy, 4/30).