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Medicaid’s Role in Family Planning « » The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Medicaid’s Role in Family Planning

Medicaid is the largest source of public funding for family planning services in the United States, financing contraceptive services for millions of low-income women.

Twelve percent of women of reproductive age rely on Medicaid for their care, ranging from 6% of women in Nevada and New Hampshire to 24% of women in Maine. Over the past decade and a half, 26 states have initiated special programs that extend family planning services to low-income individuals who are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid.

This updated issue brief by the Guttmacher Institute and the Kaiser Family Foundation reviews Medicaid’s part in financing and providing access to family planning services for low-income women across the nation.

Issue Brief (.pdf)

Previous Versions:

April 2005 (.pdf)

May 2004 (.pdf)