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Reporting on HIV/AIDS: Lessons from the Field

This video features interviews with several reporters and a policy analyst who share their views on the unique challenges of reporting on HIV/AIDS. Four journalists: John Donnelly, Czerne Reid, Renata Simone and Brenda Wilson share their experiences covering HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and around the world. They, along with Kaiser Vice President and Director for HIV Policy, Jen Kates, offer guidance about issues ranging from understanding data to considering the sensitivities of reporting on someone who is HIV-positive. They were interviewed by Kaiser’s Jackie Judd, vice president and senior advisor for communications. Journalists interested in more information can also refer to the Foundation’s Reporting Manual on HIV/AIDS.

Reporting on HIV/AIDS: Ethical Issues

Reporting on HIV/AIDS: Unique Challenges

Reporting on HIV/AIDS: Choosing the Right Words

Reporting on HIV/AIDS: Understanding Data

Reporting on HIV/AIDS: Key Funders


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