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Reporting Manual on HIV/AIDS (Updated)

This reporting guide is designed for journalists who are covering the global epidemic for the first time and for those who have covered it previously. The Kaiser Family Foundation undertook this project as part of its continuing commitment to supporting good journalism and to combating HIV/AIDS through public education and awareness.

The material covers a broad range of subjects including the unique challenges of reporting on HIV/AIDS, treatment and prevention strategies and global efforts to finance the campaign against HIV/AIDS. The epidemic is not only a battle against a virus. It can also be a battle about ideas, cultural taboos, stigma and discrimination. For that reason, we have included information about the political and social aspects of the epidemic and provide journalists with guidance about navigating these issues effectively. Additionally, there is information about malaria and tuberculosis.

Much of this material has been written by experts on HIV/AIDS and communications on the staff of the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some elements have been provided by outside organizations and we are grateful to them.

The general reporting manual, which is frequently updated online, should be viewed as a reference guide. More in-depth sources of information on HIV/AIDS can be found on Kaiser’s HIV/AIDS and Global Health Policy topic pages.

Kaiser has always believed that journalists have a significant role to play in informing the public and public policy officials. We hope this reporting guide will contribute to that process. This manual was last updated in December 2012.

Full Manual (.pdf)

HIV/AIDS Reporting Basics (.pdf)

Ethics Guidelines (.pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions About Covering HIV/AIDS (.pdf)

Understanding and Reporting on HIV/AIDS Data (.pdf)

HIV/AIDS Glossary (.pdf)

Commonly Used Acronyms (.pdf)

HIV/AIDS Timeline (.pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions About HIV/AIDS (.pdf)

HIV Prevention (.pdf)

Opportunistic Infections (.pdf)

Guide to Drug Development and Approval (.pdf)

Important Terms in Antiretroviral Therapy (.pdf)

Drugs Used in the Treatment of HIV Infection (FDA-Approved) (.pdf)

AIDS Vaccine Q&A (.pdf)

Global Goals and Financial Commitments (.pdf)

Select Key Organizations (.pdf)

Tuberculosis Around the World (.pdf)

Tuberculosis Glossary (.pdf)

Malaria Around the World (.pdf)

Malaria Glossary (.pdf)