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AIDS 2012: Young and Restless Youth Leadership: Together We Can

AIDS 2012: Young and Restless Youth Leadership: Together We Can

For more information on this session, including access to speaker presentations, please see the conference Programme-at-a-Glance.

Over the past thirty years, young people have gradually become more recognized and effective as forces for positive change in the epidemics. What is often forgotten, however, is that the dynamism and energies of youth leaders and networks often have a short shelf life, as adolescents and young people grow older and the impacts of the epidemic’s shift. This panel examines the elements of success and the areas for innovation amongst youth leaders and allies from around the world.


The Way I See It:  My Generation’s Efforts

  • Shavon Davis, Jamaica

Young People:  Force for Change

  • Ilana Sod, Mexico

Young People Living with HIV Taking the Lead:  Experience from a Low-Prevalence Country

  • Phillip Palmos, Philippines

The Way Forward

  • Samuel Kissi, Ghana

Questions and Answers

Event Date

Jul 23, 2012