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Health Care Coverage and Access for Hispanics: How Does It Differ Across America « » The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Health Care Coverage and Access for Hispanics: How Does It Differ Across America

A new report from the Foundation’s Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured finds that as the Hispanic population grows and moves beyond urban centers, Hispanics in “new growth communities” face greater barriers to health care than those in cities considered “major Hispanic centers.”

By 2003, the uninsured rate for Hispanics in new growth communities rose to a level equal to that of Hispanics in major centers. However, less than half (43%) of the Hispanic population in new growth communities live within five miles of a community health center compared to 71% of the population in major centers. Additionally, only half of the new growth community Hispanics live within 10 miles of a safety-net hospital compared to 82% of Hispanics in major centers.

Health Coverage and Access to Care for Hispanics in “New Growth Communities” and “Major Hispanic Centers”

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Listen to an audio briefing about the report featuring Peter Cunningham of the Center for Studying Health System Change and Diane Rowland of the Kaiser Family Foundation.
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Interview with Peter Cunningham, lead author of report

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