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World Health Assembly’s Executive Board Concludes 132nd Meeting

“The World Health Assembly’s rotating Executive Board meets twice a year, and on 29 January concluded its 132nd meeting with what the WHO director general termed an ‘unprecedented’ amount of agenda items and documents,” Intellectual Property Watch reports. “WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, who alternately explained, sang, and cried during the…

WHO Issues New Guidance On Sodium Intake

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has for the first time recommended limits on children’s daily consumption of sodium which it hoped would help in the global fight against diet-related diseases becoming chronic among all populations,” Reuters reports, adding, “The guidelines vary depending on the child’s size, age and energy needs,…

February 2013 Issue Of WHO Bulletin Available Online

The February issue of the WHO Bulletin features an editorial on the “scal[e] up [of] opioid dependence treatment in low- and middle-income settings, a public health news roundup, a systematic review of mortality among people who inject drugs, and a perspective piece on managing tuberculosis in people who use injection…

Ahead Of World Cancer Day, WHO Survey Shows Half Of All Countries Struggle To Prevent Cancer, Provide Long-Term Treatment

“Ahead of World Cancer Day, the United Nations health agency [Friday] launched a survey showing that more than half of all countries are struggling to prevent cancer and to provide appropriate long-term treatment and care to avoid human suffering and protect countries’ social and economic development,” the U.N. News Centre reports (2/1). “This means, currently…

WHO Executive Board Meeting Discusses Global Initiative To Fund Research Of Diseases That Affect Developing Countries

“Hopes for a global convention aimed at kick starting research and development programs on diseases that particularly affect developing countries have been reignited after a meeting of the World Health Organization’s executive board,” BMJ reports. “A report [.pdf] commissioned by WHO and published last April recommended a convention that committed all countries to spending…

WFP Spokesperson Defends Agency’s Supply Of Food Aid To Syrian Opposition Areas

In a Google+ online discussion on Friday, World Food Programme (WFP) spokesperson Abeer Etefa “downplayed recent reports that not enough of [the agency’s] Syrian food aid is going to people in opposition areas,” GlobalPost reports. “The panel discussion comes as new figures from the United Nations show that the WFP has only been able to…

WHO To Launch Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign In West Africa

The WHO on Tuesday announced it would lead a week-long, multi-country vaccination campaign in Africa next week to protect those “deemed at highest risk from yellow fever,” Reuters reports. The vaccination drive will target nearly 12 million Africans living in Benin, Liberia and Sierra Leone – all countries at high risk of yellow fever outbreaks (Nebehay/MacInnis, 11/17).