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Boston University Launches $10M, 5-Year Global Health Center

Boston University (BU) on Monday launched a five-year, $10 million global health initiative that aims to “bolster research and education” and “build a nationwide consortium of universities devoted to improving health in the Third World,” the Boston Globe reports.

Ratification Of U.N. Agency For Women Could Be Delayed

Cuba, Egypt, Iran and Sudan “have mounted a last-minute campaign to delay ratification” by the U.N. general assembly of a new agency, “which would have a budget of around $1 billion and consolidate four existing bodies that deal with women’s issues,” the Guardian reports.

American Medical News Examines Clinical Trials Outsourcing

American Medical News examines the ethical considerations of outsourcing pharmaceutical clinical trials to developing countries. The article highlights how it is less expensive for a drug company to conduct a trial in India, where it runs about $2,000 to track a patient through a trial, compared to the cost in the U.S., which is “10 times more.” The disparities between participants in the two countries in terms of income, education and access to care are “stark” and the playing field “uneven,” writes American Medical News.

NGOs Call For Increased International Support For Women’s Health

Hundreds of non-governmental organizations from around the world gathered for a three-day conference in Berlin last week, where they emphasized the need for broader international support for improving women’s health worldwide — “15 years after the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, where a similar group set goals to improve the sexual health and rights for women, particularly in the developing world,” the Associated Press reports.