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Recent Releases: Health Development In Afghanistan; Trade Agreements Effect On Drug Access; Outside Experts In Patent Reviews; Neglected Disease Legislation; Management In Public Health; Foreign Aid Reform

Lancet Editorial Examines Health Developments In Afghanistan A Lancet editorial examines Afghanistan’s progress in health developments since 2001, in light of the country’s recent presidential election. Though “[t]here have been substantial improvements in coverage of basic health services, especially in rural areas … the quality of facilities is variable and…

Opinion Piece Outlines New Model For Foreign Aid

President Obama’s “comments on foreign aid [in Ghana] make it all the more surprising that the only real change in our foreign assistance programs under his administration so far is in indicated spending” – Carol Adelman, director of the Center for Global Prosperity at the Hudson Institute, and Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economy scholar at the American Enterprise Institute – write in a Weekly Standard opinion piece.

WHO Appeals For Donated, Low-Cost H1N1 Vaccines

The WHO’s flu chief Keiji Fukuda on Saturday called upon wealthy nations and vaccine manufacturers to donate H1N1 (swine) flu vaccines to developing countries, the Associated Press reports.

Recent Releases: Limiting Corruption; Mental Health; U.S. Global Health Policies; Non-Physician Administered ARV; African Health Ministers

Lancet Infectious Diseases Features Reflection On Use Of HIV/AIDS Money In Mozambique A Lancet Infectious Diseases Reflection and Reaction piece says while PEPFAR’s “investment of over US$228 million into Mozambique in 2008 alone” resulted in “an exponential increase in the number of people on” ARVs and boosted prevention programs, “[t]here is more money…

Foreign Aid Reform Needed ‘Quickly,’ Opinion Piece Says

“At a time when our national-security and foreign-policy priorities have become increasingly dependent on effective development,” political leaders “must act swiftly and put partisan politics aside in order to enact reforms that will make our foreign-aid programs more efficient, more effective and therefore more capable of supporting and advancing our national interests around the globe,” Mark Green – a former Republican congressman from Wisconsin and ambassador to Tanzania, who now directs the Malaria No More Policy Center – writes in a Washington Times opinion piece.