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New York Times Examines Nonprofits That Close For Mission-Related Reasons

“A few nonprofit groups have recently announced plans to wind down, not over financial problems but because their missions are nearly finished,” the New York Times reports, noting that though the number of organizations closing shop “for mission-related reasons is too small to call a trend. … the novelty of organizations going out of business once their work is done has attracted attention.”

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High Rates of Cardiac, Psychiatric Illnesses In New Orleans Show Implications For Other Post-Disaster Areas The health effects of major natural disasters can continue to affect populations years after the occurrence, according to a study showing New Orleans residents continued to experience a threefold increase in heart attacks and increased…

The Economist Examines Factors Contributing To Antimicrobial Resistance

“Antibiotic resistance has now become a costly and dangerous problem,” The Economist writes in an article examining the factors that have contributed to the global rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria, ahead of next week’s World Health Day dedicated to the issue.

Recent Releases In Global Health

What To Do About Antibiotic Resistance: A Lancet Infectious Diseases editorial describes the growing public concerns over a global rise in antimicrobial resistance. “Bearing in mind that our objective is to contain antibiotic resistance rather than eradicate it, several policies could be adopted to help guarantee a future for antibiotics,” the…

Opinions: Foreign Aid; Congressman’s Global War On Abortion

Foreign Aid Does More Harm Than Good The idea that wealthy countries have a moral obligation to provide aid to poor nations “persists in the face of overwhelming evidence that such ‘aid’ does the world’s poor more harm than good,” Marian Tupy, a senior fellow at the Legatum Institute in London, writes in…