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India Strives To Maintain Polio-Free Status Amid Disease Outbreaks

Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Smart Global Health”: India Resolutely Guards Its Polio-Free Status Nellie Bristol, a senior fellow with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, discusses India’s efforts to be designated polio-free and the nation’s insistence on maintaining that status (5/22).

Nations Must Employ Multiple Tactics To Eliminate Polio By 2018

New York Times: Eradicating Polio Everywhere “It has been three years since the last new case of polio was reported in India. The country can now be declared polio-free. India’s victory is an important milestone in the global effort to eliminate polio. … But the viral disease remains a threat.…

Pakistan Looks To India For Strategies To Eliminate Polio

News outlets examine Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate polio, as India marks three years without a reported case of the disease.The News: Pakistan wishes to learn from India’s victory against polio “Congratulating India on achieving the milestone of being polio-free for three consecutive years, Pakistan has expressed the desire to benefit…

Guinea Worm Disease Nears Eradication

News outlets report on the progress of eradicating Guinea worm, saying that the steep decline in cases indicates that eradication of the parasite is reachable. Carter Center: 148 Cases of Guinea Worm Disease Remain Worldwide “The Carter Center announced today that 148 Guinea worm cases were reported worldwide in 2013.…

Pakistani City Contains Largest Reservoir Of Polio Viruses, WHO Says

Reuters: Pakistani city is world’s biggest reservoir of polio viruses “Pakistan’s volatile northwestern city of Peshawar is the largest reservoir of endemic polio viruses in the world, the World Health Organization said on Friday, amid concerns over continuing violence against polio vaccination teams…” (Houreld, 1/17).

News Outlets Report On Ongoing Humanitarian Action In Syria

News outlets report on ongoing humanitarian operations in Syria, including food aid and vaccinations for polio. Thomson Reuters Foundation: WFP Syria director says peace talks must address humanitarian aid “Syria’s warring sides must seize this week’s peace conference in Switzerland as a chance to allow humanitarian aid workers access to…

India Anticipates Receiving Polio-Free Designation Next Month

News outlets continue to report on India’s recognition of three years since reporting a polio case and its anticipated certification as polio-free. PBS NewsHour: India marks three years without polio, but challenges still remain “It’s been three years since a case of polio has been reported in India, a milestone…

Gunmen Kill Three Polio Vaccine Workers In Pakistan; Province Suspends Campaign

News outlets report on the murder of three polio workers in Karachi, Pakistan, and the suspension of the vaccination program. BBC News: Pakistan polio workers shot dead in Karachi “Three polio workers have been killed in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, a day after authorities began a new vaccination…

Bill Gates Says Successful Elimination Of Polio Rests With Nigeria, Pakistan

Agence France-Presse: Nigeria, Pakistan could delay polio-free goal: Gates Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Co-Chair “Bill Gates warned on Tuesday that violence in Nigeria and Pakistan could set him back in his goal of eradicating polio by 2018. Last year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation … made wiping out…