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Ending Obstetric Fistula In Uganda Can Help ‘Restore Women’s Dignity’

Huffington Post: Whole Again: Obstetric Fistula in Rural Uganda Orrin Tiberi, Global Health Corps fellow at Uganda Village Project “On May 23, Uganda will join the world in celebrating the third International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, which arose from the Campaign to End Fistula initiated in 2003 by the…

U.S. Must Maintain Investments In HIV Vaccine, Prevention Research

The Hill: Choosing the worst time to scale back AIDS research Mitchell Warren, executive director of AVAC “…For the first time, we can honestly talk about how to end the AIDS epidemic — and we have not only researchers, advocates, and trial participants to thank, but also American taxpayers. But…

Boosting Antibiotic Research, Development Pipeline Critical To Ending Drug Resistance

The Guardian: Antibiotic resistance is a growing menace — we must act before it’s too late John McConnell, editor of The Lancet Infectious Diseases “…Profligate use of antibiotics has provided the evolutionary driver for bacteria to develop resistance to the drugs. Introduction of every new class of antibiotics has been…

Women From Philippines, CAR Share Motherhood Stories

Huffington Post: Stories of Motherhood from Central Africa to South East Asia Maria Cristina H. Oñate, project coordinator at Save the Children “…Maria Christina H. Oñate is from Metro Manila, Philippines. Holding the 105th spot out of 179 nations [in Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers report], the…

Pharmaceutical Companies Should Play Primary Role In Developing New Antibiotics

Financial Times: Big Pharma must lose its resistance to antibiotic research Anjana Ahuja, science commentator “…[T]he [U.K.’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance] report’s unwritten message: that the curtain must come down on pure profiteering. The industry is being prompted to remember what corporate social responsibility stands for: a duty to shareholders…