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WHO Official Calls For Stricter Smoking Bans In China

Wall Street Journal: Can China Stub Smokers’ Butts for a Smoke-Free Law? “…Various cities across China, such as Beijing, have recently rolled out indoor smoking bans that have made progress in cutting back second-hand smoke, changing minds that a smoke-free law would never work in the country of 300 million…

More Action, Attention Needed For Efforts Addressing NCDs

The Hill: Silent killers: pandemic of the 21st century Christine Ngaruiya, faculty member in global health and international emergency medicine at Yale and a Public Voices fellow with the OpEd Project “…Finally, this time around, [noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)] were brought up in this round of [global development] goals, including promoting…

Seva Foundation Co-Founder Speaks With Huffington Post On Group’s Efforts To Provide Eyesight To People In Developing Nations

Huffington Post: This Foundation Has Provided Eyesight To 4 Million People In Developing Countries “…[O]n Oct. 8, World Sight Day, Seva — inspired by Sanskrit word for ‘service’ — is celebrating by providing sight to its four millionth patient. The Huffington Post spoke with Larry Brilliant, Seva Foundation co-founder, about…

Improving Health In Africa Advances U.S. Interests, Ideals

TIME: Better Health Care in Africa Must Go Beyond HIV Former President George W. Bush “…In the midst of our differences, there should be at least one issue on which all Americans can agree: helping the people of Africa fight disease advances both our interests and our ideals. … PEPFAR…

WHO Works To Strengthen Palliative Care Services For All Ages, Diseases

WHO: Palliative care: for all ages and all diseases This WHO Feature discusses the agency’s work in and the importance of strengthening and integrating palliative care services in low- and middle-income settings for people of all ages with any ailment (October 2015).

Russia’s Public Health Challenges Undermine Its Economic Development, As Skilled Workers Leave Country

The Globalist: Public health challenges facing Russia today cripple its potential for tomorrow. César Chelala, global health consultant and contributing editor for The Globalist “For all the external economic fears worrying countries everywhere, Russia faces further, entirely homegrown challenges. In all likelihood, the most important one among them is public…