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USAID Using War-Game Scenarios To Address Potential Health, Development Crises

Bloomberg News: Peace Games: Aid Agency Plays Out Ebola, Starvation Scenarios With the Tools of Roman Generals “… As the U.S. deals with increasingly complex, interlocking security risks — from disruptive technologies to climate-driven food and water shortages and virulent extremism and nationalism — some officials are borrowing a tool…

Investment In Global Health Security Urgently Needed

White House National Security Council: Why Global Health Security Is an Emergency Ambassador Susan Rice, the president’s national security adviser, discusses disease threats and the Global Health Security Agenda, writing, “…To secure the American people from global epidemics, we must stop these epidemics at their source. That requires building health…

WHO Asks Canada, Australia To Justify Ebola Travel Restrictions

News outlets report on the WHO’s request for Canada and Australia to justify their decisions to restrict travel from Ebola-hit West African countries. Agence France-Presse: Canada, Australia must explain visa block on Ebola nations “The World Health Organization said Wednesday it had asked Canada and Australia to justify their decisions…

Australia Bans Visas For People From Ebola-Affected West African Countries

News outlets report on Australia’s decision to issue a blanket ban on visas for people from Ebola-affected West African nations. Reuters: Australia issues blanket visa ban on Ebola-hit countries “Australia came under fire on Tuesday from health experts and rights advocates after it issued a blanket ban on visas from…