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IMF, African Governments Agree Economic Growth Should Spur ‘Structural Transformation’

Agence France-Presse: African nations agree need for economic ‘transformation’ “African governments and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday agreed on the urgent need to harness the continent’s rapid economic growth, as unrest and a plethora of challenges temper exuberance about the continent’s rise. At a major meeting in Maputo,…

Canada Should Continue Efforts To Reduce Preventable Maternal, Child Mortality

Globe and Mail: These women and children don’t have to die Rosemary McCarney, president and CEO of Plan Canada, and Dorothy Shaw, vice president of medical affairs at B.C. Women’s Hospital in Vancouver; both co-chairs of the Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health “…Major progress has been made…

WHO’s Vision Of Sustainable Development In Health ‘Prioritizes Disease’

The Lancet: Offline: WHO offers a new future for sustainable development Richard Horton, The Lancet editor-in-chief “…Does WHO see health negatively: preventing, controlling, and eliminating disease? Or does WHO view health more positively: achieving a healthy life and improved wellbeing? For billions of people, the first concept still remains overwhelmingly…

U.N. Launches Campaign To Improve Access To Toilets, End Open Defecation By 2025

News outlets report on the launch of a U.N. campaign to improve access to basic sanitation and end the practice of open defecation. Inter Press Service: U.N. Vows to Eliminate Open Defecation by 2025 “…[T]he United Nations Wednesday formally launched a global campaign to help improve access to toilets for…

U.N. To Develop Sanitation Center In SE Asia By July

Devex: U.N. setting up sanitation center in Southeast Asia “The United Nations looks set to develop a sanitation and wastewater management center in Southeast Asia by July to better educate stakeholders — particularly policymakers and implementers — and boost WASH programs in the region…” (Santos, 5/28).

Setting SDG Bar Too High Might ‘Kill The Spirit To Negotiate’

Al Jazeera America: U.N’s ambitious new development goals could fall flat James Reinl, multimedia journalist “…A failure to negotiate meaningful [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] will mark another failure of nations to come together on the most important global issues. Not only would that kill a useful deal, but it could…

Blogs Highlight Connections Between Climate Change, Sustainable Development

Blog posts address the connection between climate change and sustainable development, including health and food security. Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ “Global Food for Thought”: Advancing Global Food Security in the Face of a Changing Climate “The Chicago Council on Global Affairs released a report (.pdf) urging the U.S. government…

Blog Discusses Debate Around Potential Threat Of Population Growth On Poverty

Humanosphere: Visualizing the vicious-virtuous cycles of population growth and poverty reduction Tom Paulson, founder and lead journalist at Humanosphere, discusses the debate around the potential threat of population growth and how it might affect future progress against poverty (5/27).

Move Mental Health Up On Global Health, Development Agenda

Huffington Post: Global Health Must Include Mental Health Craig and Marc Kielburger, co-founders of Free The Children “…Mental health challenges are a significant barrier to economic and social development around the world. Resources and expertise are extremely limited, creating a huge gap between the need and the ability to treat.…