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Guinea’s Remote Villages Now Cooperating With Outside Health Workers

New York Times: Fear of Ebola Opens Wary Villages to Outsiders in Guinea “…Residents in [this remote Guinean] region have killed local officials proselytizing about Ebola, blocked barely passable roads with trees, and vehemently refused help from outsiders, viewing them as propagators of the virus in moon suits of protective…

Trust, Communication Critical In Fight Against Ebola In West Africa, Researchers Say

Baltimore Sun: Public health experts stress importance of trust in West Africa as they fight Ebola “When public health workers began canvassing West African villages this spring and summer warning of something called Ebola, they were met with fear — but not of the deadly virus. … Residents said the…

FHWC Releases Policy Recommendations On Improving Health Workforce

Frontline Health Workers Coalition: Building a Resilient, Sustainable Health Workforce to Respond to Ebola and Other Future Threats FHWC recently released policy recommendations to address the “urgent need for increased support for frontline health workers and the systems that support them in the [West African] region and around the world”…

Islamic States Pledge $85M For Health Systems Strengthening In Ebola-Hit Nations

Islamic Development Bank: OIC-IDB Ebola Conference Donors Pledge $85m to Strengthen Health Systems in Ebola Affected Countries “Donors to the joint Conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Islamic Development Bank, held in Jeddah, have announced an urgent financial aid package to countries suffering from the threat of…

PSI Impact Magazine Focuses On Health Workers

PSI: Impact Magazine In its latest issue, PSI’s Impact Magazine focuses on health workers and includes a commentary from USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah and an interview with Senegal Health Minister Awa Coll-Seck, among other articles (Issue No. 18).

Rapid Economic Growth Not Spurring Increase In African Health Care Spending

Los Angeles Times: African health spending lags despite rapid economic growth “…Ebola has focused attention on the inability of local [African] health systems to contain a major disease outbreak. But even in African nations untouched by the epidemic, health systems are struggling with insufficient financing and poor organization. That is…