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Kenya’s Nurses Educate, Empower Women To Make Decisions About Reproductive Health

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Kenya’s Nurses Can Empower Women through Family Planning Peter Abwao, communications and knowledge management officer at IntraHealth International, marks International Nurses’ Day and discusses how nurses in Kenya are being trained to help women make decisions about their reproductive health (5/12).

Seed Global Health Enables Doctors, Nurses To Educate Health Care Providers In Africa

ONE: Training the next generation of Africa’s doctors and nurses — one ‘seed’ at a time Cornelia Lluberes, global health research assistant at the ONE Campaign, interviews Vanessa Kerry, co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, about the organization, which gives “health professionals the opportunity to serve as educators in…

HIV Counselors In Zambia Face Challenges, Note Successes

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: For HIV counselors in Zambia, work hits close to home In a guest post, Karen Blyth, director of East Africa programs for IntraHealth International, writes about the challenges and successes of two male HIV counselors in Zambia (Barton, 5/7).

Physician Says Threats To HCWs In Conflict, Emergency Zones Under-Reported

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Health Care in Conflict: A Doctor’s Perspective Sarah Dwyer, communications manager for IntraHealth International, discusses threats to health care workers in conflict zones and profiles the research of Dilshad Jaff, a Kurdish physician from the disputed territories of northern Iraq who is finishing a masters degree at…

World Needs More Health Care Workers In Rural Areas, ILO Report Shows

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: New ILO Report: The World Needs More Rural Health Workers, a Lot More Aanjalie Collure, a communications fellow with IntraHealth International, discusses a new report from the U.N. International Labor Organization, titled “Global Evidence on Inequities in Rural Health Protection,” that found “without adequate numbers of health…

SwitchPoint Conference Brings Innovators Together To Address Global Health, Humanitarian Change

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Can Creative Innovators Drive Global Health and Humanitarian Change? Jennifer James, founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good, discusses the SwitchPoint conference, “IntraHealth International’s flagship conference where experts, and storytellers, and doers on the ground (wherever in the world that is) convene for two days for a…

Global Surgical Shortage Contributes To One-Third Of All Deaths Worldwide, Report Says

New York Times: Routine Surgeries Could Save Millions of Lives, if They Were Available “Millions of people worldwide die from appendicitis, obstructed labor, compound fractures, and other treatable conditions for lack of routine surgeries, according to a report released Sunday. Because too few surgeons and anesthetists practice in most poor…