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UNICEF Report Warns Syrian Conflict Creating ‘Lost Generation’ Of Children

“The escalating Syrian conflict risks creating a ‘lost generation’ of millions of children suffering physical and psychological consequences of the war, UNICEF warned in a report [.pdf] released Tuesday,” the Los Angeles Times reports. According to the newspaper, the report states, “In Syria, children have been exposed to grave human rights violations, including killing and…

Number Of Syrian Refugees Tops 1M; U.N. Says More Assistance Needed

“The relentless exodus of Syrians fleeing two years of increasingly violent conflict pushed the number of refugees in neighboring countries past the million mark on Wednesday, the United Nations Refugee Agency said, warning that resources for helping them are dangerously thin,” the New York Times reports (Cumming-Bruce, 3/6). “We are doing everything…

U.N. Official Says North Korea Needs External Assistance To Ensure Food, Health Security

“The well-being of millions of people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) still depends on external assistance, a United Nations humanitarian official said [Friday], warning that without aid, their health and food security would be seriously compromised,” the U.N. News Centre reports. Desiree Jongsma, the U.N. resident coordinator…

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As Thousands Flee Libya, World Leaders, International Aid Agencies Respond With Humanitarian Aid “Libyan border crossings were overwhelmed Wednesday by tens of thousands of hungry, fearful people fleeing its burgeoning civil war,” the Associated Press reports. “U.S. Ambassador Betty King in Geneva said the United States is giving $12 million…

U.N. Panel Recommends Reparations Fund For Victims Of Sexual Violence In DRC

A high-level U.N. panel on Thursday recommended that the international community “create a special reparations fund for victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),” following an assessment of the conditions faced by survivors of such acts, Agence France-Presse reports (3/3).

Also In Global Health News: U.S. $12.6M Commitment To Cote d’Ivoire; Business Leaders Help Boost Women’s Equity; Ghana To Improve Rural Health; Rwandan Malaria Fight; HIV Clinic In Uganda Offers HPV Vaccine

U.S. Commits $12.6M In Emergency Aid To Cote d’Ivoire President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced the U.S. will “provide $12.6 million in emergency funds to help people displaced as a result of … political unrest and violence” in Cote d’Ivoire, reports (3/10). According to RTTNews, “[m]ore than 75,000 refugees…

U.S., Aid Agencies Struggle To Provide Humanitarian Aid For Situation In Libya

The U.S. government and “its European allies are considering the use of naval assets to deliver humanitarian aid to Libya … even as they weigh the legality of imposing a no-fly zone without United Nations authorization, according to U.S. and European officials,” the Washington Post reports.