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U.N. Warns Of Food Shortage For Syrians Due To Lack Of Funds

News outlets report on the U.N.’s warning on Thursday that it is running out of funds for food programs in Syria, potentially affecting nearly six million Syrians. Associated Press: U.N. warns of food shortages for Syrians “The United Nations on Thursday said that it is running out of money to…

Number Of Hungry People Down Worldwide But Work Remains To Reach MDG, U.N. Report Says

News outlets continue coverage of a U.N. report released Tuesday showing the number of hungry people worldwide has dropped but many still face a threat of malnourishment. The Guardian: More than 200 million people no longer extremely malnourished “The number of chronically undernourished people in the world’s poorest countries has…

Number Of Hungry Drops By 100M, But 1 In 9 Still Undernourished, U.N. Says

News outlets discuss a new U.N. report on world hunger and food security. Agence France-Presse: 100 million people saved from hunger over last decade: U.N. “The number of hungry people in the world has dropped by 100 million over the last 10 years, though one in nine are still undernourished,…

Uganda Faces Food Shortage Threats Due To Floods

Wall Street Journal: Uganda Floods Destroy Crops “Floods sweeping across eastern Uganda have destroyed thousands of hectares of crops, aid officials said Tuesday, warning that tens of thousands of people in the East African nation could face a severe food shortage in the coming months…” (Bariyo, 9/16).

WFP To Launch Food Aid Operation In Ukraine

News outlets report on the World Food Programme’s announcement that it would launch its first food operation to communities affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Agence France-Presse: U.N. begins food aid to Ukraine’s war-torn east “The U.N.’s World Food Programme announced Friday the launch of its first food aid operation…

Global Food Prices Drop To 4-Year Low, FAO Reports

News outlets report on a drop in global food prices recorded by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. Bloomberg News: Food Prices Drop to 4-Year Low on Tumbling Milk to Oils “Food prices fell to the lowest in almost four years in August as costs of milk, cheese, and cooking…

Guardian Panel Discusses Funding Food Aid To N. Korea

The Guardian: Should the world fund food aid to North Korea? “Pyongyang presses on with its nuclear program and prestige projects while millions remain malnourished. Our expert panel asks whether donations are the best response…” (9/10).

International Cooperation Needed To Address Humanitarian Crises In Syria, Iraq

The following opinion pieces discuss issues surrounding the humanitarian crises in Iraq and Syria. Huffington Post: Iraq, Syria Plan Must Include Food for Hungry William Lambers, author and blogger “As President Obama sets forth a plan to destroy the terrorist army ISIL, a broader initiative must be in place to…

Research Can Help Improve Water, Food Security

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: How Research Can Banish Water and Food Scarcity Frank Rijsberman, CEO of the CGIAR Consortium, discusses the consortium’s “research into water scarcity, livelihoods, and food security” (9/5).