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Report On U.S. Food Aid Recommends Ways To Improve Quality

A report (.pdf) on the quality of U.S. food aid released on Tuesday “has identified improvements experts hope will make relief campaigns more effective at fighting hunger,” CNN reports (Courson, 4/26).

Drought In The Horn Of Africa Threatening Food Security

“A drought in the Horn of Africa, triggered by the same La Nina episode that caused massive flooding in Australia last year, is plunging millions of pastoralists closer to food insecurity,” Greenwire/New York Times reports in a story looking at how the drought is affecting several areas in the region.

WTO Ministerial Meeting Begins Amid Questions On Food Security, Other Issues

“Amid looming uncertainty, trade ministers and officials from 159 countries Tuesday began formal negotiations at the [World Trade Organization (WTO)] ministerial meeting [in Bali] in a bid to reach consensus on issues such as food security and trade facilitation,” Zee News reports. “India, which is an important member of the…

New Initiative Aims To Identify Innovations To Use Water More Efficiency

“As the global water resources become increasingly scarce, we must learn how to adapt to a new reality,” Christian Holmes, global water coordinator for USAID, writes in the agency’s “IMPACTblog.” He states, “In part, this means learning how to do more with less. Learning to use available water better, learning…

Proposed Changes To U.S. International Food Aid Program Must Address Complex Issues

Noting the Obama administration earlier this year proposed changes to the U.S. international food aid program, Food for Peace, Hannah Laufer-Rottman, founder and executive director of the Palms for Life Fund, writes in the Huffington Post’s “World” blog that “in order to succeed, the new U.S. food aid policy must…