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Sierra Leone Plans Nationwide ‘Lockdown’ To Contain Ebola

News outlets report on Sierra Leone’s plan to contain the Ebola epidemic through a nationwide “lockdown.” Financial Times: Sierra Leone plans national ‘lockdown’ to halt Ebola “Sierra Leone is preparing a four-day nationwide ‘lockdown’ in an effort to contain the Ebola epidemic that has killed more than 2,000 people in…

As Ebola Takes Global Spotlight, Other Diseases Garner Less Attention

Washington Post: How Ebola is stealing attention from illnesses that kill more people “The Ebola virus has killed more than 2,100 people in four West African nations, and it has left the international community scrambling to contain it. But as deadly diseases go, Ebola isn’t nearly as contagious as tuberculosis,…

Ebola Aggravating Economies Of West African Nations

New York Times: Ebola Is Taking a Second Toll, on Economies “…Ebola — the reality and the hysteria over it — is having a serious economic impact on Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, three West African nations already at the bottom of global economic and social indicators. Aggravating both the…

Ebola Orphans Sometimes Struggle To Find Care As Disease Stresses Extended Families

The Guardian: Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone face isolation from hard-hit relatives “…In Sierra Leone, one of three west African nations hardest hit [by Ebola], the disease has sliced not only through entire extended families but the kinship networks that traditionally support orphans in Africa…” (Mark, 9/8).

NBC News Releases Series On American Doctor Who Contracted Ebola

NBC News: Saving Dr. Brantly NBC News releases a six-part video series on Kent Brantly, an American doctor who contracted Ebola while working at a Liberian clinic and recovered from the disease after receiving treatment in the U.S. (9/5).

Editorial, Opinion Pieces Discuss Issues Surrounding Ebola Outbreak

The following editorial and opinion pieces discuss the continuing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The Guardian: The Guardian view on why the Ebola epidemic is spreading Editorial Board “Two diseases intersect in the West African epidemic, whose frightening scale is only just beginning to be fully grasped. One is Ebola…

World Leaders Must Mount Greater Efforts To End Ebola Outbreak

Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Smart Global Health”: Ebola’s Hard Lessons J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president and director of the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), discusses lessons learned and challenges faced in the West African Ebola outbreak, writing, “There is…

Ebola Outbreak Negatively Impacting Health Care Systems

Humanosphere: How the Ebola outbreak compares to other killers Katie Leach-Kemon, policy translation specialist from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, discusses the Ebola outbreak’s impact on health care systems, writing, “…[A]s this outbreak continues to garner so much global attention, it is important to consider…

USAID Pledges Additional $75M To Assist West African Nations Affected By Ebola

News outlets report on a USAID pledge to provide an additional $75 million to assist West African nations in containing Ebola. Associated Press: U.S. to provide $75M to expand Ebola care centers “The American aid agency announced Thursday it would donate $75 million to fund 1,000 more beds in Ebola…