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Opinion Pieces Discuss Controlling Ebola Epidemic

The following opinion pieces discuss various aspects of controlling the Ebola epidemic. Huffington Post: Why the World Must Act Now on Ebola Michael Elliott, president and CEO of ONE “…[W]hat has to be done if West Africa is not to slip back, if leaders like Koroma and Johnson Sirleaf –…

CFR Releases ‘Backgrounder’ On WHO’s Role, Challenges In Context Of Ebola

Council on Foreign Relations’ “Backgrounders”: World Health Organization This backgrounder discusses the WHO’s mandate, governance structure, and role in global health emergencies, and outlines some of the challenges facing the organization, particularly those underscored by the current Ebola outbreak (Renwick/Johnson, 10/7).

Most Americans Confident In Government’s Ability To Stop Major Ebola Outbreak In U.S.

News outlets report on Pew Research Center survey findings showing a majority of Americans are confident the federal government can prevent a major Ebola outbreak in the country. The Hill: Poll: Majority believe U.S. government can stop ‘major’ Ebola outbreak “Americans remain largely confident that the federal government can prevent…

Foreign Policy Examines Ebola’s Impact On Guinea

Foreign Policy: The Toxic Politics of Ebola “…With borders closed, quarantines imposed, and West African economies left in shambles, there is also a growing fear that what began as a public health crisis is quickly morphing into a full-blown catastrophe for Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, countries already struggling with…

Liberian Health Workers Plan Slowdown To Demand Ebola Hazard Pay

Reuters: Liberia health workers to stage go-slow for Ebola hazard pay “Liberian health care workers still plan to stage a go-slow, or work slowdown, to press demands for hazard pay on the front line of the Ebola epidemic, a union leader said on Monday. The protest, announced last week, would…