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WHO Must Follow Through With Reform To Effectively Respond To Future Disease Outbreaks

New York Times: Reform After the Ebola Debacle Editorial Board “The World Health Organization’s anemic performance in handling the Ebola outbreaks in West Africa may yield one positive outcome: sweeping, and long overdue, institutional reforms to improve its ability to respond more quickly to the next outbreak of a lethal…

CSIS Global Health Policy Experts Share Impressions Of Ebola Epidemic In West Africa

Health Affairs Blog: After The Worst In Liberia And Sierra Leone J. Stephen Morrison, director of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, and Cathryn Streifel, a program manager and research associate for the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, write about discussions they undertook with different experts and delegations while recently…

Nearly 3,600 Children Orphaned By Ebola But Well Cared For By Community, UNICEF Says

Agence France-Presse: Fears over abandoned Ebola orphans allayed: UNICEF “Almost every child who has lost parents to Ebola is being cared for in their community, UNICEF said on Friday — allaying fears that thousands would be shunned by relatives and neighbors. The United Nations children’s fund confirmed an estimate it…

Despite Signs Of Slowing Epidemic, Experts Warn Ebola Outbreak Not Over, Note Challenges To Reach Zero Cases

Newsweek: Another Ebola Outbreak ‘Inevitable’ “Doctors and experts say another Ebola outbreak is ‘inevitable,’ unless the international community unites around a long-term, common approach to combat the disease in the future and substantial investment is made into the health services of affected developing countries…” (Phillips, 2/6). New York Times: Small…