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Editorial, Letters To Editor, Opinion Pieces Address Zika Virus Response

New York Times: Zika Virus Requires an Urgent Response Editorial Board “…It is imperative that the World Health Organization not repeat its sluggish response to the Ebola crisis and act urgently this time to mobilize international action [against Zika virus]. … Regrettably … the World Health Organization seems, once again,…

U.S. President Obama Calls For R&D Of Tests, Vaccines, Treatments For Zika Virus

The Hill: Obama briefed on rapidly spreading Zika disease “President Obama on Tuesday directed his top health officials to step up public outreach on the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne infection that is now expected to spread across the U.S. Obama received a briefing in the White House from health and…

Blog Provides Overview Of 8 Emerging Diseases, Accompanying R&D Efforts

Global Health Technologies Coalition’s “Breakthroughs”: Major R&D gaps exist for eight pathogens most likely to cause next epidemic Kat Kelley, GHTC’s senior program assistant, provides “an overview of the eight diseases [identified by a WHO expert panel as the pathogens that are most likely to cause the next major epidemic]…

Initiatives To Find Cancer Cures Must Use ‘Integrative Approach’

The Lancet: Promising the moon Editorial Board “…[C]ampaigns such as [Cancer Moonshot 2020] present a substantial risk. At once they are both grandiose and overly simplistic, much like the ‘war on cancer.’ A 2013 Lancet Series called for a rethinking of the metaphor, pointing to the limitations of conceptualizing research…

PLOS NTDs Launches New Research Collection On Mycetoma

PLOS “Speaking of Medicine”: Mycetoma: The PLOS NTDs Collection Peter Hotez and Serap Aksoy, co-editors-in-chief of PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases (PLOS NTDs), announce a new PLOS NTDs collection on mycetoma. They note, “These articles range from reporting basic science topics to epidemiological and clinical studies, and include an assessment of mycetoma’s…