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Global Interconnectedness Influences Population Health

In a global health review article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Anthony McMichael of the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University examines the effects of globalization and “international connectivity” on “human health, international health care, and public health activities.” He discusses how…

Drought, Flooding In Haiti Leading To Increase In Malnutrition, U.N. Report Says

“A growing number of people in Haiti do not have enough to eat, according to the United Nations relief wing, mostly as a result of drought and the impact of recent tropical storms,” the U.N. News Centre reports (4/3). The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs “said in its monthly…

Pope Francis’s Pledge To Poor Can Translate Into Social Action

Writing in a SciDev.Net feature article, journalist Imogen Mathers examines what the election of the new pope will mean for the development sector. “With the sector gearing up for World Health Day this weekend (7 April), debates continue about what changes — if any — Pope Francis I will make…

Central American Drought Leading To Rising Food Insecurity, Hunger

Reuters: Central America braces for drought-linked food crisis “Low rainfall linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon has led to drought in parts of Central America, causing widespread damage to crops, shortages and rising prices of food, and worsening hunger among the region’s poor…” (Moloney, 8/14).

USAID’s Commitment To Nature Protection Benefits Development

Huffington Post: Bringing Conservation and Development Together Mark Tercek, president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy “Development and conservation are often viewed as separate or even opposing needs. The truth is, we simply won’t be successful in addressing either the world’s economic or environmental challenges unless we bring them together…

Climate Change Action To Be Stand-Alone Goal In SDGs

IRIN: Higher profile for climate change in new SDGs “Following months of lobbying by poor island states and NGOs, action on climate change is to be a stand-alone goal among the 17 newly agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…” (Kindra, 8/26).

U.N. Experts Call For Action On Climate-Related Health Risks At Global Conference

News outlets report on the WHO’s call for action on climate and health-related activities at the first-ever global conference on health and climate, which opened Wednesday in Geneva. Thomson Reuters Foundation: Act now on climate change or face growing health risks – U.N. “Swift action to tackle climate change would…