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Gilead To License New Hepatitis C Drug To Indian Generic Drug Manufacturers

Reuters: Gilead to license hepatitis C drug to lower-cost manufacturers in India “Gilead Sciences plans to license its breakthrough hepatitis C drug Sovaldi to a number of Indian generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, allowing for lower-priced sales of the medication in that developing nation, according to the company…” (Beasley, 2/6).

New Bird Flu Strain Related To Older Strains; Number Of H7N9 Cases Rising

News outlets report on several strains of avian influenza, including a study published in The Lancet showing a recently identified strain is related to two older flu strains. Al Jazeera: Fatal new bird flu strain worries scientists “A new strain of the bird flu virus has proven fatal for the…

Social Customs, Laws Hindering HIV Prevention Campaigns In Sri Lanka, Experts Say

Inter Press Service: HIV On a Dangerous Threshold in Sri Lanka “Four thousand HIV infections in a population of 20 million should not be a difficult figure to manage. But experts in Sri Lanka say social customs and strict laws are hindering them from carrying out prevention and awareness campaigns…

India Donates To GAVI For First Time, Commits $4 Million To Programs

News outlets report on the GAVI Alliance’s announcement that India will commit $4 million to its vaccination and immunization programs. The Hindu: India to donate $4 million to GAVI Alliance “India has committed itself to contributing $4 million over the next four years to GAVI Alliance to immunize children worldwide…

State Department Disagrees With SIGAR Report On Funding For Afghanistan

News agencies report on a new report from the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction and the State Department’s response to allegations of funding misuse. Associated Press/Washington Post: Watchdog points finger at USAID over Afghanistan “Money is still flowing to Afghan ministries from the U.S. Agency for International Development despite…

Connectivity Makes Threat Of Emerging Infectious Diseases High In Asia, Experts Say

IRIN: Connectivity and emerging infectious diseases in Southeast Asia “Experts sometimes describe Southeast Asia as a ‘hotspot’ for emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) because several major outbreaks have started in this region. Now, with unprecedented levels of connection between animals and people through urbanization, and of people with other people through…

China Making ‘Great Strides’ Against HIV But Must Do More To Prevent Sexual Transmission

“…To the credit of the government and international health agencies, China has made great strides in HIV/AIDS prevention and control over the past decade. … Interventions to reduce risks for sexual transmission have nevertheless not been successful. Cases attributed to unsafe sex continue to increase,” Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow…

Xinhua Highlights Several Reports Examining Maternal Health Promotion In Asia

Xinhua: News Analysis: Developing Asia still grapples with high maternal mortality rate “Ensuring women’s access to family planning education and services will slash high maternal mortality incidence and sustain the gains achieved in promoting maternal health in developing Asia, health experts said…” (Sarmiento, 1/31).