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Maternal Mortality Still High In India, Study Shows

Deutsche Welle: India still grappling with maternal deaths “…[A]bout 45,000 women … die every year during or soon after childbirth in India. … [The] story is a grim tale of death by sepsis in hospitals, which is the third leading cause of maternal mortality in the nation…” (Vaidyanathan/Narayan, 5/13).

International Community Must Intervene To Prevent ‘Full-On Genocide’ In Myanmar

Foreign Policy: Preventing the Next Genocide Sir Geoffrey Nice, professor of law at Gresham College, London, and Francis Wade, independent journalist and analyst, and consultant with the International State Crime Initiative “In conflicts that have potential to produce the worst of human atrocities, states and international actors must take action…

Pakistan Faces Challenges To Vaccinating Against Polio

News outlets report on polio in Pakistan, one of three countries identified last week by the WHO as a main reservoir of the virus. BBC News: Pakistan’s deadly descent into polio contagion “Pakistan was close to eradicating polio 10 years ago. But conspiracy theories, a Taliban ascendancy and drive-by shootings…

Militants Complicating Pakistan’s Polio Vaccination Efforts

The Economist: Polio in Pakistan: Pariah state Pakistan’s “national polio coordinator, Ayesha Raza Farooq, is attempting to make progress [against polio despite militant attacks]. She says the government is now working on ‘firewalling’ the tribal areas, with checkpoints where children crossing into the rest of Pakistan can be vaccinated. Still,…

Global Misuse Of Antibiotics Leads To Drug Resistance

GlobalPost: Across the globe, getting antibiotics is barely harder than buying Pepsi “…[T]he more [antibiotics] are used — and the more they are misused, for the wrong ailments or without completing an entire course — the less effective they become. Humanity is fast approaching a ‘post-antibiotic era,’ according to the…

Progress Against Leprosy In Myanmar Inconsistent, Experts Warn

IRIN: Slow progress in Myanmar’s leprosy fight “More than a decade after Myanmar achieved an important public health benchmark by declaring leprosy ‘eliminated,’ progress in the fight against the disease and the disabilities it causes is patchy, experts warn…” (5/9).

Opinion Pieces, Editorials Address Polio As Global Health Emergency

The following opinion pieces and editorials address the WHO’s declaration of polio as a global health emergency and efforts to eradicate the disease. The Guardian: Polio: a case for real alarm Sarah Boseley, Guardian health editor “…The only real way to finish polio will eventually be to rid the endemic…

State Department Official Highlights Progress On Transgender Rights In South Asia

Writing in the U.S. Department of State’s “DipNote” blog, Richard Hoagland, principal deputy assistant secretary of State for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, discusses the “progress for the human rights of transgender persons throughout the South Asia region. … As people around the world prepare to celebrate…

U.N. Urges Continued International Support For Post-Typhoon Rebuilding In Philippines

U.N. News Centre: Philippines: Six months after typhoon, U.N. working with communities to rebuild lives “Six months after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, while signs of recovery are starting to emerge, progress remains fragile, the United Nations today said urging continued international support for the 14 million people affected…” (5/7).

Child Marriage Contributes To Uterine Prolapse Incidence In Nepal

The Guardian: Nepalese women suffer stigma and pain of fallen wombs “…[H]undreds of thousands of Nepalese women suffe[r] from uterine prolapse, a condition where the womb drops into the vagina and, in severe cases, slides out of the body. The disorder is more common among older, post-menopausal women, but the…