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Earlier Responses Needed For Potential Famine In South Sudan

Washington Post: Experts are predicting a famine in South Sudan. Why can’t we stop it? Rick Noack, an Arthur F. Burns Fellow at the Washington Post “…If governments and NGOs have known about the looming catastrophe in South Sudan for months and if early reactions could have saved thousands of…

Weakened Health Systems Due to Ebola Could Lead To More Deaths From Other Diseases

The Independent: Ebola outbreak: Deaths from malaria and other diseases could soar while Africa’s over-stretched health care systems fight the virus, expert warns “The ‘collapse’ of health care systems in West Africa because of the Ebola outbreak could lead to thousands more people dying from malaria and other diseases, a…

Fauci Discusses Ebola Outbreak, Response

New England Journal of Medicine: Ebola — Underscoring the Global Disparities in Health Care Resources Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, discusses the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the attention paid to experimental treatments, and the public health effort, community engagement, and assistance…

Experimental Ebola Drug Raises Questions

ONE: Drugs for Ebola — but will they work? Andrew Marshall, senior director for global digital content at ONE, discusses the practical and moral issues surrounding the use of the unlicensed Ebola drug ZMapp (8/13).

Security, Public Health Objectives Should Remain Separate

The Guardian: Ebola, polio, HIV: it’s dangerous to mix health care and foreign policy Sophie Harman, senior lecturer in international politics at Queen Mary University of London “There are reasons to be fearful of the Ebola crisis gripping parts of West Africa: death, the risk of contagion, overburdened health infrastructure,…

‘Impossible Dilemma’ Posed By Use Of Experimental Ebola Drug

Associated Press/Washington Post: Doctors: Ebola Drug Poses ‘Impossible Dilemma’ “Doctors treating a Sierra Leone physician with Ebola defended their decision not to give him an experimental drug, saying Wednesday they feared it was too risky. Calling it ‘an impossible dilemma,’ Doctors Without Borders explained in detail last month’s decision in…

Ebola Can Be Contained With Combination Of Strategies

Financial Times: Ebola is not an invincible superbug Editorial Board “The Ebola epidemic raging through West Africa has highlighted not only the terrible state of the region’s public health infrastructure but also the low priority given worldwide to developing treatments for tropical diseases. …[H]ealth authorities are only now beginning to…

Second Ebola Doctor In Sierra Leone Dies

New York Times: Sierra Leone Again Loses a Top Doctor to Ebola “A second leading Sierra Leone doctor has succumbed to the Ebola epidemic sweeping across West Africa, dealing another blow to the country’s faltering efforts to stem the disease…” (Nossiter, 8/13).