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Also In Global Health News: Combating Sleeping Sickness In Eastern Africa; China Commits To Developing Countries; Latin America Development

African Development Bank Gives $70M To Help Fight Sleeping Sickness In Eastern Africa The African Development Bank on Tuesday announced it will award eastern African countries $70 million to help fight the neglected tropical disease, trypanasomiasis, commonly known as sleeping sickness, over six years, the Monitor/ reports (Pacutho, 9/22). China…

Rwandan President Outlines ‘Improved’ U.S.-Africa Relationship In Opinion Piece

To begin an “improved” U.S.-Africa relationship “of shared ideas, vision and investments that increase … mutual prosperities” both the U.S. and Africa “must accept urgent and substantial changes in the nature of our bond,” Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, writes in a Washington Post opinion piece.

Obama Addresses U.N. General Assembly, Calls For ‘New Era Of Engagement’

In his first U.N. General Assembly address, President Obama on Wednesday “called for ‘a new era of engagement’ … with the world, pledging to work together with other countries while defending the interests of the United States,” Reuters reports (9/23). The Associated Press reports that Obama “believes there are four pillars necessary to ensure that future — nuclear disarmament, the promotion of peace and security, preservation of the planet, and a global economy that offers opportunity for all people. Obama says those pillars must be ‘the guiding principle of international cooperation'” (9/23).

African Leaders Malaria Alliance Launched At U.N. General Assembly

On the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly Wednesday, African heads of state formed a 20-member African Leaders Malaria Alliance with the goal of eliminating deaths from malaria by 2015, the Associated Press writes. “With an estimated 500 million annual cases, Africa is the continent most affected by malaria, accounting for 86 percent of all cases and 91 percent of all malaria deaths worldwide, President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania said at the alliance’s launch,” the news service writes (9/24).

Recent Releases In Global Health

Journal Of Infectious Diseases Explores Why Safe Water Alone Does Not Stop Diarrhea Among Infants Born To HIV-Positive Mothers A study appearing in the Journal of Infectious Diseases explores how well access to safe drinking water reduces rates of diarrhea experienced by 6-month-old infants born to HIV-infected mothers following weaning.…

IRIN Examines How User Fees Have Kept Most Vulnerable From Accessing Healthcare

IRIN examines how fees for medical services have kept poor populations from accessing services, in light of the recent announcement by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that he was launching a program aimed at greatly reducing such fees in Malawi, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nepal and Burundi.

Opinion: ‘Microland’ To Fight Poverty; Ensuring Quality, Timely Drugs For Africa

‘Microland’ Can Help Fight Poverty, Especially Among Women In a Forbes column, Elisabeth Eaves, deputy editor at Forbes, examines the concept of “‘microland:’ securing rights to small plots of land for the world’s poorest.” The plots not only “provid[e] shelter and a place to work, land confers the ability to…