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Uganda Passes Bill Criminalizing ‘Willful, Intentional’ HIV Transmission

VOA News: Uganda Criminalizes ‘Willful’ HIV Transmission “Ugandan lawmakers on Tuesday passed a bill criminalizing the ‘willful and intentional’ transmission of HIV. … But health workers and civil society groups have spoken out against the bill, saying it will do nothing to curb Uganda’s rising infection rate. Many argue the…

WFP Expects To Feed 6.5M Ethiopians In 2014

Reuters: U.N. expecting to feed 6.5 million Ethiopians this year “The World Food Programme will help to feed nearly 6.5 million Ethiopians this year, the U.N. agency said on Tuesday, with the country hit by locusts, neighboring war, and sparse rainfall…” (Miles, 5/13).

Power Africa Initiative Should Take China’s Model To Next Level

Devex: Power Africa: Taking China’s model to the next level Rebecca Regan-Sachs, communications manager at AMGlobal Consulting, and Evan Roe, research associate at AMGlobal Consulting “…Whether Power Africa is ultimately a floodlight or a flickering candle will come down to sustainability — creating energy not just in the power lines,…

33.3M People Displaced By War In 2013, U.N. Reports

News outlets discuss a U.N.-backed report that reveals that 33.3 million people were displaced by war in 2013. Associated Press: U.N.: Wars internally displace 33.3 million in 2013 “A record 33.3 million people worldwide were displaced by conflict and violence inside their own nations in 2013, U.N. and Norwegian officials…

World Sees Large Gains In Life Expectancy, WHO Report Says

Media outlets discuss the WHO’s “World Health Statistics 2014” report, which was released on Thursday. Bloomberg Businessweek: People Live Longer as Child Mortality Falls, Treatments Improve “Life expectancy around the world surged in the past two decades as the rate of child mortality declined in Africa and wealthier countries improved…

U.S. GAC, NGO React To Uganda’s Passage Of Bill Criminalizing HIV Transmission

A statement from U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Deborah Birx and the International Community of Women Living with HIV react to Uganda’s passage of a bill criminalizing HIV transmission. PEPFAR: Statement from Ambassador Deborah Birx, M.D., U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, on the Passage of the HIV Prevention and Control Act…

Ugandan Efforts To Curb Schistosomiasis Face Challenges

The Lancet: Uganda’s struggle with schistosomiasis “An effort is underway throughout Uganda to address the problem of NTDs, and particularly schistosomiasis, with community health workers going door-to-door to administer drugs. Since the program started there is a noticeable improvement in the health of the village, said a Bwondha elder, Salongo…

Africa Launches Risk Pool Insurance Scheme To Address Climatic Disasters

Reuters: Africa assumes onus on disaster relief with catastrophe insurance pool “…On May 1, Africa launched its first sovereign risk pool insurance scheme, marking a major policy shift in the way climatic events such as droughts, and from next year floods, will be tackled by the world’s poorest continent. The…

Health Workers Aid In Progress Toward Maternal Health MDGs In Malawi

Al Jazeera: Lifelines: Between Life and Death “…Until recently, Malawi had the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world for a non-conflict country. But it has achieved a dramatic turnaround towards the 2015 global MDG targets…” Al Jazeera’s “Lifelines” examines the role of health workers in maternal health (5/15).