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Goal Of AIDS-Free Generation Achievable Through ‘AIDS Transition’

In this Foreign Affairs opinion piece, Mead Over, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, says the goal of an “AIDS-free generation” is attainable, “[b]ut not if treatment continues to take precedence over prevention.” He continues, “It is unfortunate that so many have focused on treatment alone because there is a way to end the global scourge of HIV/AIDS: by conditioning the rate of expansion of treatment programs on the reduction of new infections. This much-needed shift would lead to what I call an AIDS transition — the day on which the rate of new infections falls below the rate of AIDS-related deaths so that the number of people living with HIV/AIDS decreases year-on-year.”

Wall Street Journal Examines Global Shortage Of TB Drugs

“The U.S., India and other nations are facing shortages of tuberculosis [TB] drugs — threatening to reverse decades of progress against a deadly disease that is becoming increasingly untreatable,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Worldwide, TB is becoming increasingly drug-resistant, and drug shortages are ‘one of the main reasons,’ said…

WTO’s TRIPS Council Grants Extension To World’s Poorest Nations

“The globe’s poorest nations have won an eight-year extension of a waiver on intellectual property rules, but still need to hold talks on the vexed issue of pharmaceutical patents, World Trade Organization [WTO] officials said Tuesday,” Agence France-Presse/GlobalPost reports. “A session of the 159-nation WTO’s TRIPS Council — standing for…

Financial Times Examines Novartis’s Health Express Project In China

“As global pharmaceutical companies increasingly look to China and other emerging markets to make up for lackluster sales in the developed world, they are working to build an image as corporate good guys,” the Financial Times writes. The newspaper examines “Novartis’s Health Express project in Xinjiang — which has extended…

PEPFAR Marks 10th Anniversary, Celebrates Milestone Of 1M Babies Born Without HIV

“At a ceremony lauding the 10th anniversary of the anti-AIDS initiative PEPFAR, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the program had achieved a remarkable milestone: one million babies born to HIV-positive mothers had been born free of the disease,” reports (Levy, 6/18). “Our commitment has only been strengthened by…

TB Patients, Activists Protest Drug Shortages In New Delhi

“Tuberculosis patients and activists protested outside the federal health ministry in New Delhi Wednesday, angered at a shortage of life-saving medicines in government clinics,” the Wall Street Journal’s “India Real Time” blog reports. “Since January this year, pediatric drugs for tuberculosis have been in short supply in many Indian states,…